Fast Growing Trees

If you are looking at planting fast growing trees, then the good news is that there are a number of options available to you. However, perhaps the most surprising aspect is the speed at which some of them can grow as they far outstrip what you would expect. You see, people are caught up in the idea of a tree taking decades to really develop into something that is pretty substantial in size and width and while that may very well be true with some species, it is not true for every single one.

Choosing Your Trees.

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Lowes – Big Box Store, Low Prices Sometimes, poor Quality

Your Local Garden Center – Normally good looking plants but prices are normally higher

Before we go ahead and look at popular trees that grow in next to no time, we need to quickly address the reasons as to why you would like a species that grows fast. Perhaps you want something that has a bit of color in it or to add character to your garden? Perhaps you are looking for some shade and want […]

All About Privacy Trees

Have you ever thought about using privacy trees in order to keep those prying eyes away from part of your property? Perhaps you have been put off the idea as you believe that it is going to take far too many years for things to happen that you have instead opted for an alternative method? If you are indeed one of the many that have previously thought along these lines, then you are wrong to do so. Instead, there are various types of trees out there that are capable of providing you with the cover you want and do so in a relatively short period of time.

Where to buy Privacy Trees

The Tree Center – Specializes in Privacy Trees, Online Tree Wholesaler, Free Shipping

Lowes – Big Box Store, Low Prices Sometimes, poor Quality

Your Local Garden Center – Normally good looking plants but prices are normally higher

You can typically find fast growing trees that are good for screens at local wholesale nurseries.  These can be expensive but can be delivered at very large sizes.  Projects to build a wall of trees can get very pricey when considering mature trees ($100-$250 each) plus delivery and even planting.  Another popular way […]

Lemon Trees

Lemon is a small evergreen plant believed to be native to Asia. Later on it arrived in the North America from Europe and has been cultivated in the region since then. It is an easy to grow tree that belongs to the citrus family and it is ideally suited to a small garden. At maturity, they can grow up to a height of between 20 to 30 feet and just like any other member of its family its twigs are often thorny. It does well when grown in the ground in warm climate but can also be grown in large containers (in both cold & warm climates).



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The leaves are elliptical in shape & are finely serrated. They are dark green on the upper surface and light green on the lower surface. Its flowers are white and have some purplish undersides. Its fruit is yellow in color and that is used throughout the world. The fruit has seeds although there are some varieties (like Armstrong) which are seedless. This fruit has a sour taste (because it is 5-6% citric […]

Crape Myrtle Trees

Crape Myrtle trees are considered the best flowering trees in the world. These trees are native to Eastern Asia. In Australia, these trees are very hard. It’s worth mentioning that there are many different types of crape myrtles, which reach different spreads and heights. Some varieties even reduce the need for extreme pruning. These trees are also resistant to powdery mildew, which is a fungal disease very difficult to control with basic fungicides.


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Basic Description

 Crape Myrtle trees are deciduous, vase shaped trees. They are about 18-25 feet tall. In most cases, these trees are grown as shrubs and severely pruned. In late summer, trusses of pink, white, purple or mauve blooms appear. The petals of flowers are ruffles with a crepe-like texture. During the autumn season, mid-green leaves on the tree turn yellow, red or orange before falling.

 Unpruned Crape Myrtles can develop beautifully smooth, colored and mottled trunks. There’s even an Australian Crape Myrtle, called Lagerstroemia Aucheriana, which grows around 20 feet tall. This specie has pinkish […]

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees have always been popular for their attractive growing habits and spring bloom. Most of these trees thrive in the moist, cool soil under the shadow of towering evergreen trees. The dogwood family contains over 45 species. Most species thrive in habitats with temperate climates. However, this can slightly vary by species.


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Great Ornamental Trees

 Dogwoods are considered a popular ornamental tree among homeowners. The primary reasons include their four season appeal and modest size. When you understand some facts related to dogwoods, nurturing and growing these beautiful trees becomes easier. Most trees in the dogwood family have deciduous foliage.

 The leaves of these trees are untoothed and simple. In most cases, they have opposite arrangement on the twigs. Flowers on these trees bloom in the early spring season. Often, this happens before you can see the leaves. Flowers are greenish and small. They are arranged in clusters around the twigs.

 Sometimes, the flowers on these trees are surrounded by whitish leaves. These are modified as showy, petal-like bracts. This gives the […]

Leyland Cypress Trees

We have all been there; sitting in our yard and wondering what can be done to spruce up, privatize, and beautify the landscaping. An option that is familiar with landscapers and those possessing a green thumb is the Leyland Cypress. The Leyland, commonly referred to as simply leyland, is a quick growing coniferous tree are mostly used to insure privacy, but they are beautiful trees as well that are not difficult to care for. This tree is a hybrid; which means it is derived from two other sources: the Nootka Cypress and the Monterey Cypress. It was developed accidentally, but is very useful today.


Sources: – Wikipedia – The Tree Center


In 1925, gardeners were seeking a hardy tree that they could use for boundary differentiation, which was fast growing and could also sustain difficult terrain and environments. They came across five different breeds on conifers and due to a tornado, the seeds germinated into what known today as Leyland Cypress.

Although the Leyland Cypress is often used for privacy because of its ability to grow quickly and […]

Arborvitae Trees

Almost every homeowner in the world look for some privacy. Due to this, people want their yards and homes screened off from the noise and sight of streets and neighbors. Though it’s possible to build strong fences, it’s worth mentioning that fences can be quite expensive to install. In addition to this, they also require upkeep and maintenance. Fences don’t even give a natural look to your home. Therefore, most homeowners prefer a green screen or hedge.

Arborvitae trees are considered the most popular and effective form of privacy screening in homes around the world, especially in the Pacific Northwest. These trees have a very beautiful upright and round shape, dark green color and solid form. When planted properly, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Most importantly, they last for a very long time. In some regions, you can hardly drive a mile without noticing them in yards.


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How Fast Do Arborvitae Trees Grow?

These trees are also called emerald greens. Some homeowners consider them the […]

Japanese Maple Trees

When you have the correct growing conditions, Japanese maple trees can really make a rather wonderful statement in your garden. This tree, complete with its splendid autumn color foliage, loves nothing more than some slightly acidic soil that is well drained within which it will thrive for a number of years no matter what the weather may throw at it during those colder months. The tree is a native species in countries such as Japan, China, and both North and South Korea.
The Japanese maple is also known by another name, the Acer and it is a deciduous tree that flowers in early spring, but puts on a show for the entire year. Height wise it is easy to handle with it varying from 1.2m to 10m in height although it is rather slow growing so you will need to wait some time before you will see it at its maximum extent.


Sources: – Wikipedia – The Tree Center

The tree itself is characterized by some low branches along with the top of the tree reaching up to what can best be described as a […]

Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees are flowering plants featuring blossoms in pink, purple, white, red or yellow. These trees are diverse in leaf shape and plant form including evergreen and deciduous sorts. The name magnolia was given because of a French botanist, Pierre Magnol. An interesting fact about magnolia trees is that they are pollinated by beetles. It is believed that there were no bees around when this genus came into existence, therefore the flower evolved to attract the insects that were available. The following are the different types of magnolia trees; OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Sources: – Wikipedia – The Tree Center


Anise magnolia

This tree is also known as the willow leaved magnolia, or the Japanese willow leaf magnolia. As the other names suggest, this tree has leaves similar to those of a willow tree or shrub. The leaves are wider than the normal willow leaves but they are not as wide as usual magnolia leaf. This tree flowers before the leaves unfurl. It is ideal for landscaping especially if you have a large compound. When mature this tree grows up to 15 […]