All About Privacy Trees

Have you ever thought about using privacy trees in order to keep those prying eyes away from part of your property? Perhaps you have been put off the idea as you believe that it is going to take far too many years for things to happen that you have instead opted for an alternative method? If you are indeed one of the many that have previously thought along these lines, then you are wrong to do so. Instead, there are various types of trees out there that are capable of providing you with the cover you want and do so in a relatively short period of time.

Where to buy Privacy Trees

The Tree Center – Specializes in Privacy Trees, Online Tree Wholesaler, Free Shipping

Lowes – Big Box Store, Low Prices Sometimes, poor Quality

Your Local Garden Center – Normally good looking plants but prices are normally higher

You can typically find fast growing trees that are good for screens at local wholesale nurseries.  These can be expensive but can be delivered at very large sizes.  Projects to build a wall of trees can get very pricey when considering mature trees ($100-$250 each) plus delivery and even planting.  Another popular way is to buy privacy trees online.  These come delivered and are normally a bit smaller (3-4 foot average).  The advantage to this is that many online tree companies have free shipping, competitive prices and great looking trees.  Since the trees are fast growing you won’t have to wait but a few years for that screen to reach a height of six to seven feet.

What Is Meant By The Term Privacy Tree?

Prior to actually discussing the types of trees that you should think about using, it makes sense to briefly discuss just what exactly is meant by the term a privacy tree. It is important to point out that we are not talking about oak, chestnut, alder, or any other tree along those lines, but rather trees such as conifers as they offer denser foliage throughout the entire length of the tree providing you with even more privacy than before.
The entire idea of privacy trees is that you use a row of them packed closely together in order to form something similar to a hedgerow, but to a much taller height and with a greater degree of cover with no gaps between each tree for prying eyes to peek through. Due to the types of trees that are used, with more information on this later, it is also easy to decide on a height and maintain that in order to create the perfect privacy barrier to fit with your own personal needs.

How Fast Are We Talking About?

You need to remember that there is no exact timeline as to how quickly these trees will grow and it does depend on the type of tree that you decide to use. However, when it comes to conifers, then you are looking at growth of anywhere between 3ft to 6ft a year depending on the variety.

How Tall Will They Grow?

Once again this does depend on the variety that you plant, but a number of species will grow a substantial height in just a few years, so you can largely select the height you want and simply have them pruned every year in order to limit their growth. However, there are some species out there that will not grow as high with one example being the Emerald Green Thuja as this stops growing once it reaches approximately 10ft in height.

What About The Width And Planting?

The width is partly determined both by the species and also how you prune the trees and this can be decided by just how much privacy you are actually looking for. A number of species of conifer will also tend to be wider at the bottom before narrowing to a point at the top, so keep this in mind when you are thinking about the planting aspect.

How close you plant them depends on how thick you want your natural screen to be. If you want it to be relatively dense, then planting less than 2ft apart is possible, but could depend on the quality of the soil. If it is too dry and lacking in nutrients, then there can be too much competition and the last thing you want is for holes to appear in your screen.

Examples Of The Species You Can Purchase.

So what are the different types of privacy trees that you can purchase? There really are so many to choose from and they do come in various shades of green to a silver blue color depending on the variety.
One extremely popular variety is holly because this not only provides you with some thick cover, but it does give you an added sense of security due to its rather prickly nature. It is also very fast growing and is hardy enough to grow in pretty much any condition. If you are looking for the most widely planted privacy trees, then the Leyland Cypress is what you need to look at. It is capable of growing in a range of situations and it can grow up to five feet per year providing you with ideal cover at a relatively low price.

Other species of conifers to consider include, the Thuja Green Giant with its high levels of resistance to any extremes that the weather can throw at it. A Willow Hybrid that grows up to six feet per year and gives wonderful cover as a screen. The Juniper Wichita Blue gives you a pleasant change from green foliage and it can grow up to 15 feet in height within its first 10 years. The Drought Tolerant Evergreen will last forever and withstand anything you throw at it. Bamboo, Dawn Redwood, other hybrids of the Juniper or Cypress trees, the list is rather extensive and they all have one thing in common. They provide you with a wonderful amount of privacy and do so in a relatively short period of time.

What To Do Next?

So, what do you need to do next? The first piece of advice is to check the quality of your soil and also think about your climate. Study the different species of privacy trees that are deemed to be most suitable and think carefully about how many you will need in order to get the type of cover that you want. Consider the planting and how quickly you want that screen to grow and do remember that you are able to purchase these trees at various heights to begin with, so you will gain a certain amount of privacy in an instant.

How much it will cost you depends on the species you want to use and also their height when it comes to purchasing them in the first place. However, can you really put a price on getting back your privacy? There is no doubt that privacy trees provide you with exactly what you want and do so in a colorful manner that just looks so much better than a plain old wooden fence that loses its appeal in next to no time. Choose the evergreen option and select a type of tree that best fits your own individual needs.


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