Arborvitae Trees

Almost every homeowner in the world look for some privacy. Due to this, people want their yards and homes screened off from the noise and sight of streets and neighbors. Though it’s possible to build strong fences, it’s worth mentioning that fences can be quite expensive to install. In addition to this, they also require upkeep and maintenance. Fences don’t even give a natural look to your home. Therefore, most homeowners prefer a green screen or hedge.

Arborvitae trees are considered the most popular and effective form of privacy screening in homes around the world, especially in the Pacific Northwest. These trees have a very beautiful upright and round shape, dark green color and solid form. When planted properly, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. Most importantly, they last for a very long time. In some regions, you can hardly drive a mile without noticing them in yards.


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How Fast Do Arborvitae Trees Grow?

These trees are also called emerald greens. Some homeowners consider them the perfect hedging trees. However, experts often reveal a secret regarding their growth and use in landscaping. Some experts consider them slow growers. But it’s possible to purchase small trees early in the season or when your home remodeling project starts, and let them grow naturally to provide you with privacy.

After the first year of planting these trees, they establish their roots. Therefore, this adds only little to the top growth. Depending on the growing conditions, especially the amount of sunlight and pruning, these trees can grow quickly after the first year. In some cases, they can even grow up to 6-9 inches in height and 4-6 inches in width per year.

Therefore, when you’re planning on buying Arborvitae trees, and letting them grow in your yard, you should consider buying slightly taller trees to make sure they solve the purpose of securing your privacy. Buying bigger trees also makes sure you’re able to plan their setting and placement in the yard without any problems.

Difference Between Skinny and Bushy Arborvitae Trees

Arborvitae emerald greens come under the category of cylindrical cedar trees. If you allow them to grow without pruning, they tend to grow thin and tall. In case they are pruned on top, they tend to grow bushier without adding much height. Due to this, you have a choice between maximum height and bushiness. You can also choose something in between, depending on your landscaping preferences.

There are many homeowners who, intentionally or unintentionally, let these trees grow without any pruning. They want a 5-6 feet tree in their yard as soon as possible. However, these trees look skinny. Due to this, the homeowner needs to plant them closer to each other. Such factors should be considered when buying Arborvitae trees.

It’s worth mentioning that many volume growers plant these trees in containers rather than planting them into the ground. This allows them to easily mass-produce. In most cases, container trees are skinny and tall. Moreover, when they have lived in a controlled environment, you can’t know how they would grow when planted in the ground in future. Such things should be discussed with the company when you purchase the tree.

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