Crape Myrtle Trees

Crape Myrtle trees are considered the best flowering trees in the world. These trees are native to Eastern Asia. In Australia, these trees are very hard. It’s worth mentioning that there are many different types of crape myrtles, which reach different spreads and heights. Some varieties even reduce the need for extreme pruning. These trees are also resistant to powdery mildew, which is a fungal disease very difficult to control with basic fungicides.


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Basic Description

 Crape Myrtle trees are deciduous, vase shaped trees. They are about 18-25 feet tall. In most cases, these trees are grown as shrubs and severely pruned. In late summer, trusses of pink, white, purple or mauve blooms appear. The petals of flowers are ruffles with a crepe-like texture. During the autumn season, mid-green leaves on the tree turn yellow, red or orange before falling.

 Unpruned Crape Myrtles can develop beautifully smooth, colored and mottled trunks. There’s even an Australian Crape Myrtle, called Lagerstroemia Aucheriana, which grows around 20 feet tall. This specie has pinkish mauve flowers.

 According to experts, Crape Myrtle trees can grow in many different kinds of soils. However, they grow well in properly drained sites. These trees grow quite tall in heavy clay soil. It’s always better to plant these trees in full sun. With ample sunlight, they grow very well. Though some shade can be tolerated by the trees, flowering is likely to be reduced.

 Crape Myrtle cultivars are available in many different types. The list keeps on growing. Flower colors on these trees include white, and different shades of lavender, pink, purple and red. Their days in flower range from 70 to 110. This depends on the specie of tree you’re choosing for your garden or backyard.

 Choosing Crape Myrtle Trees

 While choosing Crape Myrtle trees, you should consider choosing a specie with a flower color that complements the surrounding landscape. It’s also important to choose a tree with mature size. However, it should not outgrow the location.  For instance, Natchez is a very popular kind of white flowering Crape Myrtle. Similarly, Muskogee is also popular among homeowners. These trees are popular because they look perfect with dark backgrounds.

These two kinds of Crape Myrtles are considered among the tallest. Their mature height reaches up to 20 feet or more. Due to this, they are perfect for homeowners who are looking for mid-size trees for screening two-storey buildings and other tall establishments.

Other Crape Myrtle trees like Tonto are considered among compact semi-dwarfs. They can be used in single-storey homes or small structures. While planting these trees around your home, it’s also important to consider the color. For instance, when you have a red brick home, white or pink flowering Crape Myrtles will be your best choice.

Similarly, when you have a pink to light orange brick home, lavender, red or white flowers will work well. On the other hand, a neutral color home, such as grey or tan, will contrast perfectly with almost any color Crape Myrtle flowers. A professional tree company will give you a good idea about all these factors.

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