Fast Growing Trees

If you are looking at planting fast growing trees, then the good news is that there are a number of options available to you. However, perhaps the most surprising aspect is the speed at which some of them can grow as they far outstrip what you would expect. You see, people are caught up in the idea of a tree taking decades to really develop into something that is pretty substantial in size and width and while that may very well be true with some species, it is not true for every single one.

Choosing Your Trees.

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Before we go ahead and look at popular trees that grow in next to no time, we need to quickly address the reasons as to why you would like a species that grows fast. Perhaps you want something that has a bit of color in it or to add character to your garden? Perhaps you are looking for some shade and want to have a tree providing that for you? Perhaps you want some privacy and an evergreen hedgerow is the ideal way of providing that?
Understanding what your aims are will make it so much easier when it comes to choosing the trees themselves as we will now see.

Examples Of The Most Popular Fast Growing Trees That Are Readily Available.

As was briefly mentioned above, some of these trees are evergreens whilst others are going to shed their leaves at the end of the year, but provide you with beautiful blossom and the shade that you are perhaps wanting in your garden.

The Evergreens.

Willow Hybrid.

First, there is the Willow hybrid and this is seen as being the fastest growing willow species that you can buy. This tree is most commonly used in order to create a screen, so you need to think about buying a number of them and planting them close together to form a willow hedgerow. This particular species can grow from anywhere between 6 to 12 feet in a single year and after three years you can expect it to be up to 40ft in height if it is left untrimmed.

Leyland Cypress.

The Leyland Cypress is extremely popular especially when it is being used to form a screen. It is loved for its almost architectural look due to its tendency to grow in slender columns and this species is capable of growing between 3 to 4 feet in a single year. After 3 years you are looking at having a tree that is in the region of 15 to 20 feet in height and mature versions can grow as tall as 70 feet.

Green Giant Arborvitae.

The Green Giant Arborvitae is another extremely popular evergreen tree thanks to its dense foliage and its ability to be used as not only a screen but also as a single tree to create a feature. This species can grow in the region of three feet in a single season and it will eventually grow to anywhere between 50 to 60 feet by the time it has reached maturity.

Lombardy Poplar.

The Poplar species is yet another form of evergreen that is loved by many and the Lombardy Poplar is usually found planted in rows. By the time it has reached maturity it can range from being 40 to 60 feet tall, but after three years they will tend to be in the region of 30 to 40 feet. This species has been known to grow up to 10 feet in a single year, but at this rate it may not initially be as dense as you would like.

Fast Growing Trees For Shade.

There are a number of single standing trees that are fast growing and which are used for shade. They do not tend to be evergreen, but they are still capable of growing a number of feet in any single year.

Tulip Poplar.

The Tulip Poplar may be of the same species as the Lombardy, but you could not get two more different trees. The Tulip Poplar has bright yellow foliage that really does make it stand out and the foliage is also quite thick giving you substantial shade in your garden. When it comes to growth, then it is capable of growing up to 6 feet in a single year and after three years it will stand between 15 to 20 feet tall. By the time it reaches maturity it can be anything up to 70 feet tall.

Empress Tree.

Even though the Empress tree may not be the most well known, it is a species that can look pretty spectacular in your garden. In Spring it gives off a wonderfully fragrant blossom and the colors are spectacular and this tree is capable of growing between 10 and 15 feet per year. After three years it may very well have reached its maximum height as they can vary from 35 to 50 feet tall and their height at maturity is only 40 to 60 feet.

Eucalyptus Tree.

A major reason why an individual may want to plant a Eucalyptus tree is because of the wonderful scent that it gives off throughout the year. This tree is capable of growing up to 8 feet in a single year and after three years a number of them can be anywhere from 20 to 30 feet tall. Their maximum height is also in the region of 40 feet, but it is the shade and the scent from the leaves that makes this fast growing tree so attractive.

Autumn Blaze Maple.

Finally, if it is a colorful maple tree that you are after, then the Autumn Blaze is the fastest growing example of the species. It turns a spectacular red color in the fall making a real statement and it will tend to grow at least three feet a year although it is often more than that. After three years you can expect a tree that is in the region of 15 to 20 feet tall and a mature height is around 40 to 50 feet.
Those are just some examples of fast growing trees that you may wish to consider planting, but as we said at the outset it does depend on what your aims are as to the one that you will opt for. The good news is that you can rightfully expect a substantial tree to be growing in next to no time, so that shaded area or privacy screen is going to be a prominent fixture in your garden quicker than you ever thought possible.