Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees are flowering plants featuring blossoms in pink, purple, white, red or yellow. These trees are diverse in leaf shape and plant form including evergreen and deciduous sorts. The name magnolia was given because of a French botanist, Pierre Magnol. An interesting fact about magnolia trees is that they are pollinated by beetles. It is believed that there were no bees around when this genus came into existence, therefore the flower evolved to attract the insects that were available. The following are the different types of magnolia trees; OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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Anise magnolia

This tree is also known as the willow leaved magnolia, or the Japanese willow leaf magnolia. As the other names suggest, this tree has leaves similar to those of a willow tree or shrub. The leaves are wider than the normal willow leaves but they are not as wide as usual magnolia leaf. This tree flowers before the leaves unfurl. It is ideal for landscaping especially if you have a large compound. When mature this tree grows up to 15 to 30 inches tall.

Ashe’s magnolia 

It is also known as deciduous magnolia. This species can be either a small tree or a large shrub. It can sometimes be mistaken for the big leaf magnolia. This tree was named in honor of William Willard Ashe from the US Forest Service (USFS). It grows to a maximum height of between 10 to 30 inches tall.

The bigleaf magnolia 

Also known as the large-leaved cucumber tree, these tree species lives up to its name and produces large leaves that can measure up to 32 inches long. It is one of the magnolia trees that are usually deciduous. It can however be fairly green especially in the warmer zones.

The cucumber tree 

This tree is sometimes known as the yellow-flower magnolia, blue magnolia, mountain magnolia or cucumber magnolia. It is given the name cucumber simply because the fruits look fairly like cucumbers. Its flowers feature an interesting shade of yellow green.

Lily magnolia 

The lily magnolia is one of the smaller species of the magnolia tree. It forms a shrub or a short tree ideal for landscaping or beautifying your home. This small tree features reddish-purple or pink flowers which are lightly perfumed. It is essential to point out that this tree is one of the parent trees of the saucer magnolia. It grows to a maximum height of between 10 – 15 inches.

Southern Magnolia 

Whenever people talk of magnolia trees, they are probably talking about this species. This tree type is commonly found throughout the Southern United States. However, this does not mean that they cannot grow elsewhere in the world. One interesting feature about this tree is that it is tolerant to drought.

Umbrella magnolia
The name umbrella magnolia refers to how the leaves hang down around the ends of the branches. The tree grows to an average height of 15 to 40 inches tall.

In summary, if you are looking for beautiful flowering trees for landscaping or for beautifying your yard, consider including some magnolia trees for their beautiful flowers. It is essential to point out that, for better results, do not overcrowd the magnolia trees as they do not look their best when crowded.


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